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The primary purpose of the Tri-City mentoring program is to establish a professional supportive network that will promote the professional development of novice teachers in the district.  Under no circumstance should any aspect of this program be used in the formal teacher evaluation process.


Program Components


The first year consists of the assignment of the internal expertise of the Tri-City administrative team, classroom visits to colleagues’ classrooms, and monthly professional development sessions.  The second year of the program consists of a book study. 


1.  The Superintendent will coordinate the program. Each building principal will be the primary contact for all new teachers.


2.  The new teacher will be expected to meet with the building principals a minimum of once a month for at least 20 minutes.It is highly recommended that all of first semester be scheduled no later than September 1 and second semester scheduled no later than January 15.Meetings should take place during the contractual workday, but the new teacher can opt to do the meetings before or after school if they prefer.Meetings may occur more frequently as needed.


3.  During the first year, novice teachers will be required to attend monthly professional development sessions.Sessions will be held quarterly during the second year.Session topics will be relevant to a new teacher’s success in the classroom, and will include such topics as the following:classroom management; differentiated instruction; integration of technology; assessment and grading; and tips for effective parent conferences.


4.  During the second year, teachers will engage in a book study with a minimum of four meetings.The teachers will be asked to share and present what is learned to their colleagues during a school improvement day or staff meeting.


5.  During both years, teachers will have the opportunity to visit a colleague’s classroom one time per semester for a minimum of 45 minutes.The building principals will assist the new teacher in coordinating this visit.

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