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Jason Crain
Transportation Director

School Bus

All current and new bus riders must be registered for transportation. In order to enable district staff to prevent over or under loading of buses, it is important that all parents register their child/ren before school starts. 


Before you register please keep the following in mind:

  • All current and new bus riders must be registered for transportation.

  • Bus riders are allowed a maximum of two drop-off/pick-up locations; one regular stop and one alternate stop may be designated.

  • For all students who live in the towns the towns of Buffalo, Dawson and Mechanicsburg, pick up /drop off locations will be designated.

  • There may be additional designated pick up/drop off locations in the particular subdivisions as deemed appropriate by the Transportation Director.


Students that live outside the towns, in the country or on hazardous routes will have the same pick up/drop off locations as they have now. 


All Pre-K and kindergarten students will have door-to-door transportation.  Parents will be responsible for ensuring that there are arrangements for their child when they are dropped off at night.  It is not the district’s responsibility to ensure there is adult-supervision including seeing an adult present as the child gets off the bus. 

In addition, we ask that parents don’t get on the buses to assist your own children.  This is for everyone’s safety, insurance purposes, and timing. 


Finally, as we plan for a new school year, please keep in mind that only changes requested within 48 hours of the change will be made--except in the event of an emergency. Last minute changes in transportation can jeopardize the safety of students, and lead to confusing situations for young children.

If you have any further questions, please contact Jason Crain, Transportation Director at or (217) 364-4811.

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